Beauty Salon Anna

"Luxus Beauty-Farm at prices avaible"

 At Hotel Hilton, under the shady trees of castle one of the highest acclaimed Beauty Salons has been operated for over eight years.
Mrs.Anna Ungai C. has dreamed about it and has realized her Salon, working according to the methods of cosmetic companies !QMS Collagen, Maria Galland Paris and Guinot Paris.

She Belives the secret of beauty is the harmony of the inner soul and outside look.

With her help well trained colleagues - therapeuts of Guinot Paris and !QMS - work on correcting the flaws on our faces and bodies - that is, if we are not made perfect by nature!

The atmospheric Beauty Farm's Wellness programs and the services of the professional Fitness Club makes sure a perfect refreshment to Ladies and Gantlemen wishin recreation of body and soul!

before! after!
Mrs.Gerta Mey before and after!
Beauty Treatments Face- neck and decolleté

Guinot Paris:

Liftosome:rich in orange extracts and vitamin C, the selfwarming Modelling Lifting Masque energizes, tightens and firms the tired skin.

Hydradermie: is a major effective treatment, which purifies the skin and decolleté in depth. During treatment high frequency and galvanic strom, ionisation and ozone is applied.

Aromatics: during aroma therapy herbs essences unfold their beneficient, calming effect through special relax massage technics for the face.

The above cosmetic treatments above give a perfect preparation of the skin to plastic surgery and are effective in the follow-up care!

These Beauty Programs are the secrets of prominent personalities all overt the world

Now these can be yours!!

Classic Facial Treatment :

- skin is cleaned with facial milk, then rinsed with a tonic

- a cleansing mask is formed onto the face, then steamed in order to loosen old skin cells

- the face, neck & decolletage are massaged, and the pores are cleaned

- lasty, pore tightening & moisturizing cremes are applied


Complete Facial Treatment :
Masque Modellant
- consists of a classic facial treatment & Masque Modellant

- after classic facial treatment, cremes are applied to the face, over which the Masque modellant is formed

- Masque Modellant is made of nutient rich soil extract, a cosmetic plaster & mineral crystals

- the Masque Modellant speeds up circulation, thus cleansing the lymphatic system, smooths and tones the muscles   & tissues or the face and neck

- after the mask is lifted off, the skin is smooth, fresh and healthy

Therapie Cocon Maria Galland Paris :
- treatment consists of a massage technique that uses Swedish massage, lymph drainage and acupressure massage

- the face is rinsed with facial milk & tonic , then a cleansing mask is applied

- the face, neck & decolletage are massaged with protein rich creme, and catalysing foam mask is formed onto the face after the massage

- the purpose of Therapie Canon is to strengthen the moisture retaining capabilities of the skin, and smooth wrinkles while tonong facial muscles

!QMS Collagen Treatment � The Quick Magic Skin Formula

Collagen Treatment
- after gentle peeling of tired skin Collagen is entered in the form of micro capsules.
Sensational revitalisation of the cells - perfect, longlasting hydratation, youthful appereance!

- skin is cleansed thorughly, then an exfoliating gel is applied, which melts away old skin cells

- after 15 minutes, the gel is washed off, then an alginate (sea foam and mineral extraction) mask is applied, to calm sensitive skin absorb old skin cells, therefore purifying the skin

- after the removal of the mask, a hydrating creme is massaged onto the skin

- next, pure collagen, then a moisturizing are smoothed over the face. A plaster mask is formed onto the face, to facilitate the passage of collagen into the deeper tissues.

- this QMS Collagen treatment is exclusive to Beauty Salon Anna, and skin looks noticeably rejuvenated and refreshed.



Aroma therapy: a relaxing body massage with oil and creme.

Vacu press-spm: treatment contra lipoid and cellulite. Lymph drenage with High-Care technics.

Body Wrapping: pressing of the lymph slag deposits by Vacu Press treatment. Figurtuning, active contra cellulite!



Haircut for men and women
Permanent stripe dyeing   Haircolour
Blow dry       Permanent wave

Nail Cosmetics

Manicure    Polishing
Handmassage    Handmodelage
The attraction of the Salon Permanent Contour Make-up

Personal program of Mrs. Anna Ungai C., Visagist
Permanent eyeliner- brow and lip-contour.

By Permanent Make-up the beauty problems of the eyelids, brows and lips can be corrected. The line of the eyes is accentuated which gives your face the contours matching to its shape. Permanent Make-up goes with you in all weather, through many years and gives you always elegant appearance.

The above cosmetic tratmens give a perfect preparation of the skin to plastic surgery and
are effective in the follow-up care!
Dr. Prof. Peter Mozsáry
Plastic surgery

Opening hours :

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-19 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.-15 p.m.!

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